Years of professional and passionate open source experience programming all kinds of things in Python, every: web apps/services, ecommerce, retail and marketing lead automation, games and game engines, and more!

Tech Lily loves: Python, Flask, Flask-RESTful, SQLAlchemy, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Heroku, Travis CI, redis, gunicorn, gevent, RabbitMQ, Flask-SocketIO, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, nginx.

Here are a couple impressive professional projects Lily has developed:

Founded Hypatia Software Organization nonprofit for one-on-one code mentoring for trans women. Hypatia Software Organization has over 100 members, is an official nonprofit in the state of Massachusetts, and has raised tens of thousands of dollars for its cause. Hypatia Software Organization was featured at LibrePlanet 2016, with a conference speech I gave that came after Edward Snowden.

Lily created a game in two days which was featured on Vice!

Note from Lily:

I've been coding Python for a while, I'm really good at it now. I really love open source, I'm pretty active on GitHub. Open source taught me a lot about being a software engineer, so I love giving back. I love sharing my software with everyone to for any use. Creating and sharing is a huge drive for me, even if only one person appreciates it.

Open Source

Very active GitHub, having lead very successful projects like Hypatia Engine.

Lily's GitHub has all kinds of cool stuff, like:

Lily loves to work with others, right now she's making the backend of a realtime shogi (Japanese timed chess) webapp, her friend is doing the frontend! The shogi webapp (repo) is found under their GitHub org sprinklecake.

Sappho (2D Game Engine)

sappho demo

Sappho is a cross-platform game engine for creating 2D tile-based games. Sappho is built with Python/Pygame, and prides itself on elegant and simple code, thorough test coverage. Sappho has an awesome open source team, led by yours truly! Checkout Sappho on GitHub!

urlink demo

Instantly search ur links which only you can see. The source Lily wrote on the urlink Github runs on Heroku. Repository includes an unpacked Chrome extension (seen in GIF above).


Chose-your-own-aventure-style software documentation, a single HTML page generated from Markdown source. View a LIVE demo of AdventureDocs! Checkout AdventureDocs on GitHub!


staticfuzz demo

Open source social experiment, check out the Staticfuzz repo on Github!


Slimewoman demo

Terminal/console-based text adventure engine! Build with Python and Urwid! Checkout Slimewoman on GitHub!

Nonprofit and Conferences

Hypatia, conference talks, other nonprofit stuff.

Please note: These videos were taken prior to Lily completing gender transition and she's sensitive about her voice/looks in these videos&emdash;please do not share these videos!

Hypatia Software Organization at LibrePlanet 2016 Talk

Leadpages engineering talks on tests, TDD

Engineering-wide talks on writing tests and test-driven development in Python!

Trans Hackathon Talk

Hypatia talk on installing FreeBSD


Miscellaneous testimonials to Lily's work.

I’ve been following Lily’s work for about 9 months now, watching (and occasionally advising) as she started Hypatia Software. In bootstrapping a new community service organization she showed strong, but compassionate leadership, as well as determination and problem solving skills. Clearly she isn’t daunted by hard challenges and she combines that determination with a strong technical background. Naomi Ceder, Board Member at Python Software Foundation
Lily shows the kind of determination and curiosity I look for in Engineers. She is an eager collaborator and a fan of pair programming. She is constantly learning new skills and figuring out how to apply them to her daily work and share the knowledge with others. It’s been a pleasure watching Lily’s professional development at Leadpages and I’m sure she can benefit your team. Jason Brechin, Senior Manager of Software Engineering at Leadpages
I worked with Lily at Leadpages, and she seriously enriched the experience with her colorful personality and freaking incredible wizardry behind the keyboard. Lily *demonstrably* has a passion for coding that extends far beyond a paycheck. She’s always willing to tackle a problem, help out, and learn — even if it’s a language she’s not entirely familiar with. Jay Kariesch, Engineer at Leadpages
Throughout both the foundation phase and the growth phase at Hypatia, Lily was front-and-center in taking care of the day-to-day organizational duties, as well as establishing initiatives to promote the expansion of the organization, develop relationships with third parties, and foster collaboration amongst members. Her passion, dedication and knowledge of the field shone through in every decision she made, and she was able to guide Hypatia through the hurdles that arise for all young orgs Rosaline Dahlia, Programmer
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lily in both a professional atmosphere and on side-projects and non-profit/volunteer opportunities. Lily has an insatiable desire for writing solid, understandable, and elegant software, and I cannot overstate it enough that she is committed to quality of code and finished product. Lily is diverse in skill sets and uses them to do good in all endeavors. Anyone would be fortunate to have her as a member of their team. Christopher Harings, Engineering Team Lead at Leadpages
I was given the privilege to work with Lily for a short time during ramp up periods around a major software release. She was among the first to reach out and lend a hand for any QA efforts. Any period of time needed for knowledge transfer was always short with Lily. She has a vast technical knowledge and an ambitious attitude. I am quite confident that Lily will be able to overcome any barrier that she meets and would be beneficial to have at any company Maxwell Leslie, Test Lead at Leadpages